ESSC – We count on YOU!

The ESSC wishes rapidly to disseminate information to its members. Please, forward information to our contact email to be placed on this website. These could include searches for potential collaborators for research proposals, calls for research proposals, job opportunities, opportunities for research studentships and other items or important information for rapid dissemination. Of course, we will continue the regular circulation of information via our Newsletters.

We count on individuals, groups, corporations and foundations, whose efforts enable us to serve our mission. We receive enormous support from all of our partners throughout the year. The ESSC would also like to thank the following: HEBE centrum
The different kinds of partners that will be needed include financial/funding partners, technical/scientific partners, advisory partners, and general partners.

The ESSC is an interdisciplinary, non-political association with more than 500 members in 42 countries. Its members include researchers, teachers, students, companies, and policymakers.